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Sonja Haze in “Black Hunter Bags A Pale Redhead” by XLGirls & Score Video

Welcome back to pale-skinned, redheaded vixen Sonja Haze who reaches out and gets a grip on Asante’s briefs to feel the hard chocolate cocksicle within. She’s looking to remove the wrapper as soon as possible. XLGirls is always pleased to match up total strangers and see how quickly they become fast, fast friends in every way. “I can’t wait to get that in my mouth,” murmurs Sonja while Asante cops a feel of Sonja’s jugs through her corset. They look ready to spill over like an overfilled lake. Sonja rotates her waist so that her twin mounds shake a bit. They’ll be shaking and jiggling a lot more when Asante slides his bone through her boob valley. “Want to suck on these big fucking titties?” Sonja asks, rhetorically. It’s easy to remember that Sonja has one of the dirtiest mouths of any model at XLGirls. She may have the dirtiest, which is always greatly appreciated. There’s nothing like a girl who can get as down and as verbally dirty as a horny male perv. Asante grooves on Sonja’s chest for a bit. “I’ll be your dirty little fucking whore tonight,” says Sonja. She’s truly great. “We can play that game, you dirty little nasty slut,” replies Asante, energized by Sonja’s teasing tititude. Sonja is also proud of her big, round ass and sticks it out so Asante can spank her well-padded butt cheeks. “See how wet you make that pussy?” moans a bent-over Sonja. No one is more ready for the black meat-axe to be shoved in her throat and pussy-hole than this cum-sucking piece of ass. This is Sonja’s second pole dance experience at XLGirls. Please show her some love for being the nasty girl she is.

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