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Sofia Rose in “I Live Out My Fantasies” by XLGirls & Score Video

When Sofia Rose buries your head within the valley of her bosom, you will need to tap out so you can replenish your oxygen supply. This is dramatized in our XLGirls video, “I Live Out My Fantasies.” Tony is red-faced after his deep-cleavage diving and he knows it’s worth every second of air-deprivation to experience that matchless feeling of sinking into the softest breast-flesh imaginable. Beautiful Sofia does live out her fantasies as often as she wants. She has the proud assets to do it! Sofia continues her breast techniques, engulfing Tony’s face from above and massaging him with those love-pillows. She sticks his man-horn between them and takes it in her mouth so he can enjoy the Sofia Rose BJ experience. More tit-fucking follows (his cock completely disappears between her mountains) and then the great moment arrives when his prick plows past Sofia’s lady-lips and buries itself to the hilt inside her pink, wet tightness. The pumping is hard and vigorous, just the way it should be with such a beauty under you. Sofia really takes it on the chin this time.

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