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Sara in “Hangin With Sara” by XLGirls & Score Video

As a special bonus, Sara hangs out to answer a few questions in-between sexy, slow licks on her giant lollipop that she also rubs on her nipples, because she’s got a teasing side that likes to come out. The camera lens would have fogged up as Sara tongues the lolly but it was sprayed with anti-fog. “In the morning, I like masturbation,” says Sara when she is asked about what she likes to do when she gets up. And you might have thought, “coffee and the TV news?” No, Sara likes a nice cum first. Sara’s erection-producing lollipop licking and nipple rubbing continues as she describes the kind of guy she likes, a regular guy with a big cock which she endearingly pronounces as “coke.” Later on, some of the questions in English need to be translated into Czech. It’s a pleasure to listen to Sara in her native tongue, a tongue which continues to suggestively and slowly lick her large lolly. “I think the guys will like you,” says the interviewer in what could be the understatement of the year.

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