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Roxanne Miller and Lavina Dream in “Student Bodies” by XLGirls & Score Video

XLGirls: Student Bodies – View Trailer
Starring: Roxanne Miller and Lavina Dream

Lavina Dream and Roxanne Miller together for the first time! Miracles like this don’t just happen by themselves. They make a terrific pair of bosom buddies. Look at their skimpy coed outfits! That’s boner-ville. The girls are studying for an important exam. Roxanne looks flustered, a pained expression on her face. She closes her book with a thump. “Roxanne, what’s wrong?” asks Lavina. “I’m bored,” says Roxanne. “I want to do something else. I think we can pass another way. This is boring.” Roxanne shoves the book away. Here we have a good girl-naughty girl match-up. Guess who’s the naughty one? Lavina presses Roxanne to be a good student. “Stop being such a geek!” Roxanne says. She leaves the room while Lavina writes her essay. Roxanne returns with a giant ice cream cone. She offers it to Lavina. They share it and lick it together. “It’s better than studying,” Roxanne says. A dab of ice cream gets on the corner of Lavina’s lips. Roxanne leans over and licks it off. Study takes a low priority as they taste each other’s lips and tongues. The girls escalate their studies. Not of their books but of their lush bodies. Lavina and Roxanne make an exquisite pair of lipstick lovers.

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