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Rose Valentinaand Cassie Blanca in “My Big Plump Wedding: Part Three” by XLGirls & Score Video

XLGirls: My Big Plump Wedding: Part Three – View Trailer
Starring: Rose Valentina and Cassie Blanca

The day of Samantha’s wedding is here. There’s a buzz of energy at the wedding hall. At most weddings, everyone is looking their best and that goes double for Samantha and her bridesmaids today. There is something about a wedding that gets most people horny, except for the father of the bride. Sam’s bridesmaids are extra horny now. As chapter three of My Big Plump Wedding opens, the ladies are decked out in their gowns and feeling extra good. They pose for the bridal party shots on the staircase and when it wraps, Rose and Cassie wait for the photographer. They need a fuck bad even after their satisfying bachelorette party and he’s the only single guy there. “I’ll bet he has a big dick,” Rose says. They call him over while he’s checking his camera. “Wanna get a pizza and fuck?” asks Cassie. “What?” the stunned photographer says. “Do you want to get a pizza and fuck?” Cassie repeats. “What, you don’t like pizza? That’s okay, we can skip that part.” “We have a half hour,” Rose helpfully points out. These two really need to get boned! Right now! The photographer takes all of two seconds to reply. “Sure, why not?” The threesome go into a private room and lock the door. Cassie and Rose are all over him immediately. This is his lucky day. He gets paid to photograph the wedding and he gets laid by two huge-titted bridesmaids! Another reason to love weddings. If Samantha knew, she’d blow her top! Will she find out?

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