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Patricia Gold in “There’s Gold In Them Thar Hills” by XLGirls & Score Video

Newcomer Patricia Gold has a wet and tingly time with that shower head. XLGirls’ photographer enters the bathroom with a camera to make sure Patricia has enough hot water. Patricia lifts up one of her heavy boobs to suck the nipple. Patricia’s never modeled before and she seems to relish it. Playing with her tits and the shower head, a smiling Patricia presses them against the glass door. She spritzes body wash and moisturizer all over her chest and tummy, rubbing the stuff in and lifting her big floppy tits to spread the stuff all over. Her big boobs are very pliable and are capped by large tawny areolae. After soaping her tits, Patricia cleans her pussy, squatting down on the shower floor and directs the shower head up for a thorough refreshing of her lady parts. A final rinse off and towel drying, and then Patricia blows a kiss, taking off for her next video, her first boy-girl XXX scene posting December 27th.

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