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Nixie Night in “Getting Tight With Nixie Night” by XLGirls & Score Video

Nixie Night is a pretty newbie at XLGirls who can proudly boast about her 42DDD boobs. Although Nixie doesn’t boast herself, we can say how great they are and how sexy she is. But don’t listen to us. Listen to your fellows. “Another really nice addition to the bevy of beauties on XLGirls! Nixie is a real cutie; love the dark eyes and long, dark hair plus gorgeous tits! My only advice to Nixie: P-L-E-A-S-E no more tattoos. Your body is too beautiful to ruin with ink!” (BJ) “Where did this beauty come from! (Boobman) “Nixie is another perfect example why the person who invented the corset should get the Nobel Prize, an Oscar and Sainthood.” (Nick) Nixie kicks off her first guy-girl scene by being breast massaged by male hands while she lays on her back in bed. She spins around and reaches for Largo’s junk, her lips moving in anticipation of filling her mouth. He feasts on her nipples and pulls his meat-hammer out for Nixie to pounce on eagerly. They play oral games, her tongue licking and flicking the shaft. They undress in record time, yearning for action. Nixie lays on her side, her mouth hovering over Largo’s rod. He fucks her mouth with fast strokes as he holds her head in place. Nixie can get half of his long wood in her mouth which is a lot better than some of his other bed-partners. She doesn’t gag which is impressive. There’s no question she can deep throat average-sized guys. Largo asks Nixie to suck and lick his balls. She giggles and tongue tickles the nuts, pulling on the ball sac with her lips. At five minutes, this is one of the longer blow jobs in recent scenes. Nixie gets on her back for a vigorous tit-fucking and, believe us, there is a lot of Nixie’s titties to fuck. When it comes time to fuck Nixie, she climbs on board first for a reverse cowgirl and goes wild with heat. The fucking gets even hotter as the action builds up to a big cum facial. In extreme close-up, we see Nixie’s face being jizzed as she hungrily licks up what cums her way. A spectacular beginning for a new XLGirl! She’s a winner.

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