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Nixie Night in “Creaming For Ice Cream” by XLGirls & Score Video

Nixie Night is back and busting out big-time! XLGirls is pleased to welcome her back. And her front. Nixie’s latest video was a bonus-quickie bra show of Nixie trying on different brassieres in the models dressing room, most of the hooter-slings barely covering her areolae! Creaming For Ice Cream is Nixie’s first full video and matching photos and it’s a summery affair with Nixie dressed to thrill in her girl-next-door way, pig-tails and all. This look really suits her. She’s even got a little bush growing in her girl-garden compared to last year’s shaven look. (While there will never be a meaningful peace between the bush lovers and the baldie crowd, this should satisfy some of the hair club members.) Like any sexy girl-next-door, Nixie is licking an ice cream cone. And playing with it. You won’t see this kind of romping at your local ice cream shop. Welcome back, Nixie! You have been missed. Nixie says her most fun job was tutoring English and history. She watches Marlin’s baseball and really got into the NBA finals of 2013. (“I really wanted San Antonio to win.”) Nixie goes to school and has a part-time job. “I read a lot!” says Nixie. “I own 15 different books about human sexuality from ancient Greece to now.” She’s come to the right place to further those studies in sexology. We study it ourselves at XLGirls, not unlike Masters & Johnson. “I like to show off my boobs! I like to wear tight, low-cut tops that really show them off.” These words touch our hearts. Thanks for being you, Nixie Night, and welcome back. We look forward to your next time at XLGirls.

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