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Nikki Smith in “Gagging For It” by XLGirls & Score Video

Checking out the spectacular body of sexy XLGirls newcomer Nikki Smith killing a dental floss suit, her booty call thought that Nikki looked fit to be tied. Literally! Her high heels also push her plush tush out even more, and enhance her curves. So he stuck a ball gag in her sexy mouth and showed her the ropes. His philosophy is walk softly and carry a big paddle for huge-chested girls. XLGirls usually never gets wrapped up in the BDSM scene, it’s not really our thing, but since Nikki has told the editors that she’s into bondage in her sex life, we thought we’d try some experimentation with this willing subject as a prelude to a carnal coupling. What do you think? Does Nikki Smith look hot bound, gagged and helpless with a deer-in-the-headlights look in her eyes? We think so. Of course, this kind of thing can only go so far before the need for some horny, good old-fashioned fucking has to happen. Miss Smith’s sexy and all that with a ball gag in her mouth but gagging on a hard cock in her mouth is more fun and Nikki would agree if she could speak. So Nikki’s date did the gentlemanly thing and untied her so he could fuck her nicely after removing the gag and feeding her his stiff wood. Nikki will tell us what she likes so much about bondage and discipline one of these days but seeing her in action, it’s obvious that she loves fucking much more than getting into a tight bind. What do you think XL Man? Do you want to see more girls roped into this kind of freaky deaky sexin’? Do big boobs, gags and ropes go together? Thank you, Nikki Smith!

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