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This introduction to newcomer Bri Love is not like anything you may have seen before. She is a total amateur and has never posed before nor is she a dancer. Bri may be the shyest girl to pose for XLGirls in nearly 13 years. She giggles and laughs in a way that can only be described as bashful and 100% girl-next-door. A real cutie-pie, Bri is from Texas where everything is big and that includes tits and ass. She is super-shy and you wouldn’t think she would decide to become a model yet she did. Every one of her answers to our cameraman’s questions are prefaced or ended by a giggle and a smile and by touching her hair. When Bri slowly drops the straps of her tank top and her bra with his encouragement and shows her huge love-pillows, and then gets totally naked, try not to go berserk. Because there is a distinct possibility that might happen. As Bri sheds each article of clothing to get totally bare, she seems to actually get more comfortable. Our director has Bri stretch out on the bed and masturbate, like she does at home. As her rhythm builds up, her fingers dance across her clit until she explodes and cries out. And then Bri looks up at the camera and giggles again. She is very photogenic, a real natural. Prepare to fall in lust with this sweet young thing, the most bashful girl to ever walk into our studio.

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