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Marilyn White in “Freshgirl” by XLGirls & Score Video

XLGirls: Freshgirl – View Trailer
Starring: Marilyn White

XLGirls continues with the debut of juicy and luscious Marilyn White, a green-eyed, 21 year-old adult store clerk who works next-door to a strip club. She tries hot, sexy modeling for the first time and does a smokin’ job of it. Actually with a body like Marilyn has, perfect for XLGirls, she could just stand there and dangle her extremely sensitive, tan-lined 38H melons capped by large areolae. She has a girl-next-door vibe and likes reading, laser tag, video games, playing pool, bowling and clubbing. “I also like to play football with my guy friends from time to time,” says Marilyn. “I’d honesty rather play sports than watch any. Some of the dancers and I have talked about going topless canoeing. I used to be a gymnast so I’m pretty flexible even now. I absolutely adore tattoos and piercings. And I have a back fetish; I like a man with a nice, strong, sexy back.” Marilyn likes to dress to show off her chest. She enjoys the attention and the compliments. “Complimenting me on my size and my piercings and tattoos is really the way to get me going.” When it comes to sex, Marilyn likes a vocal partner. She likes both guys and girls. She’s more submissive with men; dominant with girls. “I don’t like it when they just lay there. That annoys me. I feel as if I am not doing something right if they’re not making noise. I like being able to wake up the neighbors. I like dirty talk; not so much from me but I do like hearing it. I like them to get really nasty. They can call me a bitch, they can call me a whore, I actually love being called a cunt. That’s one of my favorite words next to fuck. I think it’s such a hard word, it’s such a hard syllable, you just end on that T.” But she loves hearing it. Even though she’s surrounded by adult products at work, Marilyn enjoys watching hot action at home too. “I enjoy using my ribbed glass dildo and my fingers while I’m watching some porn. Depending on my mood, my porn preferences range from DP to lesbian to orgies/gangbangs, big tits, big dicks and squirting.” Now Marilyn can watch her own video filling her pussy and butthole with toys in this first XLGirls video. Hopefully, there’s more to come in the future. Welcome aboard, Marilyn White.

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