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Maria Verbeck in “Danish Pastry” by XLGirls & Score Video

XLGirls: Danish Pastry – View Trailer
Starring: Maria Verbeck

Danish queen of XLGirls, Maria Verbeck is beautiful to watch on video. In bed rubbing her nipples and clit, or showering afterwards, Maria is very proud of her body. Much of that comes from the Scandinavian attitude about the body and sex. It’s all natural and healthy to express one’s humanity without fear of stigma, loss and criticism. It was a good day when Maria decided to share the wealth. If that’s socialism, we’ll take very inch. Maria has two faces. One is the scrubbed face of the girl-next-door and the other is the made-up Maria with painted lips and some mascara. But she never overdoes it. Maria is not shy although she may give that impression. “I’ve never met a man yet who didn’t like to have his cock sucked, so if I like a guy enough that we’re making out and he’s playing with my tits, I’ll end up sucking his cock,” Maria said in her excellent English. “I’ve never had any complaints. I guess maybe there is such a thing as a bad blow job, if a girl gave the dick a hard bite or something stupid, but I have nice soft lips and like to run my tongue up and down a hard cock and get it all wet and shiny with saliva and just give it a good going over. Even though it’s really about the guy’s pleasure at that point, I have fun making it jump and throb in my mouth and making him groan out loud. That gives me a real feeling of power.” Maria is one of Denmark’s national treasures. XLGirls says declare Maria’s birthday April 4th as a national holiday in Denmark.

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