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Liza Biggs in “Biggs’ Boob Rubdown” by XLGirls & Score Video

When you’re as blessed as Liza Biggs, you’re deserving of a little tender loving care. Liza packs a boobie punch rarely seen anywhere, even among our heavy-titted harem of hotties. She’s an eye-popping JJJ-cupper with an hourglass figure we would gladly spend all day gazing at. And one lucky masseur gets to do much more than stare at her boobs and body today. “I’m looking forward to getting this breast lift massage,” Liza says. “I’ve got such big boobs and I can’t wait to get them even more perky.” We think we’re more excited than Liza is about this. She already boasts one of the best chests around, so the thought of her tits being even more perfect is something we can’t wrap our heads around. But it does certainly excite the little head in our pants. “Are you ready?” Liza asks excitedly. “Do whatever you have to. I’ve been waiting for this all day.” Liza’s masseur douses her tits with lotion and begins massaging her breasts. He begins with her left breast, taking it into his hands and intently rubbing the oil into it. He’s thorough, so he makes sure to massage the oil into her nipples, too, and pinches them to be certain they get enough. “I can feel them getting more firm already,” Liza says happily. Liza lays down on the massage bed and her masseur really goes to work for this deep titty tissue massage. Liza lets out soft moans as he caresses her mams, and we’re not sure how this guy is managing to keep his cock in his pants right now. It’s clear this massage is turning Liza on, and when the masseur steps away, she begins playing with her tits and stroking her clit. We think Liza will be getting breast lift massages more often.

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