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Klaudia Kelly in “Three’s Company” by XLGirls & Score Video

Some like it mild. Others like it wild. And then there’s lovely Klaudia Kelly. She busts through wild into another dimension of sexual heat. Klaudia lays on her belly and smiles. She works it and twerks it, her fine, foxy ass bouncing up and down. She props her butt up high and keeps the jiggle alive. If your dick was inside her right now, control would be difficult to maintain. This is a babe who has left a trail of busted nuts wherever she goes and whoever she does. She spanks a cheek to drive that fact home. The camera pulls back to show Sergio and Tony Rubino also enjoying the twerk show. They each handle a cheek and extend their appreciation. Tony comes over to Klaudia’s face and drops trou. Klaudia, still on all fours, takes his wood in her mouth and blows it hands-free, the best kind of cock sucking. Slurping and sucking sounds fill the room. Sergio wants some of that action too. Share and share alike and besides, getting to fuck Klaudia is a treat. She doesn’t often visit XL Girls. While Klaudia has her mouth full of Sergio, Tony makes the most of being behind Klaudia and slips into the pink. The sound of hips smacking against her soft, fleshy ass cheeks merge with the lip-smacking and moaning coming from her mouth. Soon Klaudia’s nice and tight butthole will be open for cock too. This baby doll is a walking wet dream.

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