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Kelli Maxx in “New Discovery” by XLGirls & Score Video

Meet Kelli Maxx from Boston, a cutie ready to join the array of fine foxes and vivacious vixens at XLGirls. Kelli is a web-cam model we contacted several months ago. She wanted to know all about us at first and once she checked us out, it was all-systems go. Does Kelli work-out? “Sometimes I hula-hoop. Does that count?” What are Kelli’s hobbies? “I like to travel, watch documentaries and masturbate a lot.” We know the answer to this question but we’ll ask anyway. Does Kelli have any special talents? “I can hide all sorts of things between and under my boobs. That’s been my big talent since I was a teenager.” Is Kelli into any kinky fetishes? “I dabble in findom [A fetish in which men are financially dominated. Some might call that marriage.] but other than that I like to get straight down to it.” What kind of dates does Kelli like to go on? “I’m old-fashioned. I like going to dinner and seeing a movie. And ending the night in bed.” Kelli has a chat with the director. She’s a little shy at first since this is her first pro shoot, and Kelli says she’s not a talker. She’s more of doer. A body language girl more than a chatty girl. After a few minutes, Kelli loosens up and slips off her sexy outfit to reveal her fantastic body.

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