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Kamryn Monroe in “Plush & Lush” by XLGirls & Score Video

XLGirls: Plush & Lush – View Trailer
Starring: Kamryn Monroe

There are a lot of things to love about the city of Boston. It’s a city rich in history and culture, and it plays host to one of the most-famous marathons in the United States. But, if you ask us, the best thing about Boston is the plump, lush Kamryn Monroe who has lived there her whole life. In fact, Kamryn is such a Boston girl that her trip to our Miami studios was not only her first time in Florida, it was her first time ever stepping onto a plane! Don’t worry, fellas. The citizens of Miami gave her a warm Miami welcome. “I did get a few looks,” Kamryn tells us. “I got a few comments from the security guards. It was fun. I like to flirt.” In this intimate chat, Kamryn dishes on wearing low-cut tops, being a boy’s girl and more.

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