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Kamryn Monroe in “New Discovery” by XLGirls & Score Video

XLGirls: New Discovery – View Trailer
Starring: Kamryn Monroe

Most people don’t like rainy days, but here at XL Girls, we love them. The chicks have to stay in, but since they’re bored, they’re also more apt to pull their girls out. And that’s where the fun begins. “I’m here all alone and it’s raining,” she says. “It’s almost as wet outside as it is in here. It’s gonna be a big storm.” Oh, we expect there to be worldwide showers, Kamryn. But this condensation will be in the form of cum showers as the Brotherhood of XL Men jerk to Kamryn’s debut scene. She starts by pulling out her tits, which are extra-heavy, extra-fleshy 42DDDs, and licking her nipples. “I think it’s time to get naked,” Kamryn says after teasing her now full-erect nipples. No time like the present, and Kamryn doesn’t waste any. She peels her pink lace lingerie off and begins to diddle her clit and finger her cunt. Her moans grow louder as she fingers her pussy faster. Kamryn’s pussy is so wet you can hear her fingers slide in and out of her cunt. When Kamryn climaxes, her moans and pussy strokes cooling from their fever pitch, she pulls her cum-drenched fingers out of her cunt and slowly licks her sweet juices off of each digit. “It tastes so good,” she says with a sigh.

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