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Kamille Amora in “Girl Who Makes You Double Take” by XLGirls & Score Video

There’s so much to love about Kamille Amora it isn’t fair to us or any other boob hound on the planet. The dark hair, the fair skin, kissable lips and suckable tits. This babe’s got it all and then some because she also has a nice, plump bum. As Kamille’s latest video opens, we get a full view of everything this eye-popping I-cupper has to offer. She’s wearing what may be the skimpiest denim jumper on earth and a leopard skin bra, both of which can barely contain her natural blessings. This video is Kamille at her best. She’s unbelievably sultry as she teases the camera with her breasts, thrusting them into the camera lens with both hands as she fondles them. Kamille gives each of her boobs a suck, too. Self-sucking is a skill Kamille is very proud of. “It’s a talent I have,” Kamille says with a giggle. Kamille says men can’t keep their hands off of her breasts when they’re in bed with her. They’re constantly fondling, sucking and asking to tit-fuck her mams. Well, what else would you do with a perfect pair of tits like this? Kamille’s a fan of all the boob play, though. She even gives us a brief guide on how to handle her tits.

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