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Kamille Amora in “Coed’s Ginormous Cleavage” by XLGirls & Score Video

Don’t let the looks fool you, gentlemen. Kamille Amora is a clever gal. Apparently, she has had a bit of trouble this semester, though. She’s here to get things sorted out with her professor, who we’re sure is an understanding man. “Oh, professor,” Kamille Amora says as this scene opens. “I didn’t know you were going to be back in your office so soon. I’m glad I caught you. Now, about my grades this semester.” We’re not sure what courses Kamille was enrolled in this semester, but as far as we’re concerned, she has an A-plus in anatomy and chemistry, but we certainly wouldn’t mind giving her a few after-hour lessons in sexual and physical education. “I wonder if anyone on campus can see us?” She says as takes off her top, unleashing her heavy boobs. We’re sure the Dean doesn’t mind a hands-on lesson with a member of the student body, even if it involves stuffing a member into this student’s body. “The truth is, professor, I wanted to fail your class,” Kamille teases again. “So I could see you for another semester.” We told you she was a clever gal.

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