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Jennica Lynn in “Saucy Girl” by XLGirls & Score Video

XLGirls: Saucy Girl – View Trailer
Starring: Jennica Lynn

Knock-knock. Who’s there? “Pizza! Big-boob pizza delivery!” Why it’s none other than saucy Jennica Lynn in her ball cap and very tight blouse. This pizzeria really has their delivery system honed to perfection. When it comes to the ultimate pizza girl, Jennica Lynn is the total fantasy pie server. Love that giggle. And that wiggle. To top it off, Jennica’s not a drop-off and run girl. She’s staying for a while. “Do you mind if I come in?” Her big boobs rest on the pizza box in her arms. That’s the kind of topping a breast-man lives for. When Jennica enters, you can see what she’s wearing. Tight jeans and spike heels. This is getting better. Instead of leaving, Jennica looks around the place. Looks like she is going to stay. Forget the pizza! Jennica has something better to deliver! Huge breasts! A gorgeous body. A beautiful face. All topped by a down-home personality. And exactly how many pizza delivery girls who look like Jennica Lynn do you know?

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