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Jennica Lynn in “Maid For Breastfest” by XLGirls & Score Video

Breastfest is now served and your hostess and server is super-sensational Jennica Lynn. What a doll. So nice and gracious. What does this magnificent morsel have in store in this video, and matching pictures? You are about to find out! When Jennica said the orange juice was on her, she meant it! Jennica was a D-cup at 14. A G-cup at 18. Now she’s an M-cup! And her 12.5 pound boobs are the exact same size. They are symmetrical. Most girls have one breast that is slightly larger than the other. “That’s the US size,” Jennica says. “In the UK, it would be Double-J.” The fact that Jennica decided to model is a miracle in itself and something never to be taken for granted. There are other girls in the world with her kind of awe-inspiring body and tits but no one except their husbands or boyfriends (and sometimes the neighborhood Peeping Tom) will ever see them in their birthday suits. The beauty of this Caribbean island pales in comparison to the grandeur that is Jennica Lynn. Seeing Jennica strip off her uniform and undies and give up her body in this video is enough to make a guy run out into the street calling her name!

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