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Jennica Lynn in “A Date With Jennica” by XLGirls & Score Video

Jennica Lynn gets your text message on her phone. Date? That excites her. But first she has to prepare herself. Girls like to look their best when they leave the house, for both themselves and their dates. And what if some TSG photographer is hanging around looking to snap some shots of her too? But first, Jennica wants to roll around in bed completely naked before she goes into the shower. Nothing says Jennica Lynn 34M cups than the mind-blowing over-head close-ups of this Swedish super-girl and her twins. The way they jiggle and quiver is beyond belief yet you must believe. Reality does not lie. “Look at these!” Jennica giggles, moving her chest from side-to-side, her super-huge boobs following suit in a demonstration of the wave theory you didn’t see in high school. It’s a pleasure to see a girl so enamored of her own boobs. Jennica showers breastfully clean, brushes her teeth (dripping toothpaste on her boobs, very nice), puts on some make-up and brushes her hair. But before she gets dressed, Jennica has an orgasm, letting her fingers do the trick. And now that she’s cum, Jennica chooses a bra, shoes and a dress to put on and leaves for your date. The wind’s been howling outside the whole time and so will you.

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