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Isabella Grazzi in “A Toast To Big Happy Boobs” by XLGirls & Score Video

Here’s to big girls with big boobs and big sexual appetites! Those are just a few of the things we love about the lovely Isabella Grazzi. But what we love most about her is that she just can’t seem to keep her hands off herself, and her heavy 34FFF tits in particular. She doesn’t waste any time freeing her plush naturals from the confinement of her blue dress. Her pink nipples are already fully-erect and ready for a good sucking. But Isabella is the type that enjoys a bit of build up. She licks one of her fingers and strokes her left nipple a bit first. Then she bangs her tits against each other and bounces them a bit. “Oh, these big titties,” she says. “Do you like watching me play with these big titties? Do you want to suck on them?” Isabella knows the answer to those questions, but like we said, she’s a tease. “I want your hard cock deep inside me,” she continues. “My pussy is so wet, tight and warm right now.” We would love to find out for ourselves, but watching her stroke her pussy is a pretty good treat. Her massive mammaries quiver with every stroke and pleasure washes over her face as her moans grow. “I just want that dick in my pussy,” she says again. Soon, she pushes herself to an orgasm. “Oh, I want you to cum with me, baby,” she commands. “I want you to fucking cum!” As sexy as she is, Isabella won’t have to ask any XL Man twice.

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