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Gracie Blue in “Teacher Knows Breast” by XLGirls & Score Video

Teaching is a very stressful profession. It’s a great responsibility and sometimes the pressure is too much. Gracie Blue is grading her students’ papers and it’s overwhelming. She needs to blow off some nervous energy. Some twirl their hair. Others shake a leg or a foot. Some chew gum. Gracie finds that squeezing and rubbing her nipples and boobs helps to alleviate the stress. She begins unbuttoning her cardigan to get at her big jugs. It’s helping but it’s not enough. She comes around her desk and sits on it. Lifting up her skirt and slipping off her panties, Gracie starts rubbing one out, digging her fingers deep into her in-box. Her deep, heavy breathing, shuddering and groaning mean that it’s working. Her pressure and stress are being decreased. She needs more so she strips off completely and sits in one of the student’s chairs, rubbing harder and harder until she explodes. Gracie returns to her chair to resume grading papers. She’s doing it naked but that’s fine. No one will know. Well, you know but you won’t tell.

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