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Diane Poppos Returns by XLGirls & Score Video

A big moment at XLGirls. Diane Poppos sports the same button-down top, micro-skirt and heels she wears in her return pictorial. This is the Texas super-natural MILF’s sexiest outfit out of all the clothes she wore in her original photo shoots. Her tits and legs look outstanding, made to erect boners in her honor. People used to compliment Diane for her shapely legs (her now bigger boobs are a given) and they still do. The more things change, the more they stay the same. “It surprises me because I always think that all people see are my boobs,” Diane told us in her new “Nine Years Later” video-interview. Her tits are bigger, her hair is much longer but she’s still the same: America’s first huge-boobed housewife. This video, Diane Poppos Returns, is actually her very first video, besides her two interview vids and the extremely popular Diane Poppos Collection of real home videos shot by her horndog ex-husband. Diane displays her massive hooters for the first time in nine years, shakes, jiggles and hangs ’em, gets totally naked and fingers her pussy in a 20 minute breast-fest. Most of the crew at TSG never thought we’d hear from Diane again. She’s been retired from modeling and enjoying life back at home. It was a huge surprise to hear from her and an even bigger surprise to be asked if we were interested in having her model again. None of us predicted that she would return! And that’s why when people write us asking if there is a “chance” a popular but inactive star model will ever return, we never say never. Welcome back, Poppos, and thanks for poppin’ again.

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