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Daniella Grey in “Big Girl Strip Club” by XLGirls & Score Video

The Big Girl Strip Club boasts many hot and fleshy dancers. Daniella Grey’s one of the most-popular strippers at BGSC. Daniella loves to entertain the guys on stage when she’s in the mood to take a booking at the club. She’s very agile and pulls Alix Lakehurst on stage to dance with her. The guy in the suit and sunglasses goes to BGSC once a week to get a private dance from Daniella in the Boom Boom Room when she is performing. Anything goes in the private room so he can have his way with her. He can enjoy her deep throat blow jobs, her big, natural tits on a tiny, curvy body and her perfect, pink pussy. When he’s done, he can blow a load on the body part of his choice. Her tits catch the cum after this fuck. “She gives me a hard-on that will not go down,” raves Mr. X. He talks about Daniella to every fellow patron in the club. Perfectly understandable! Big Girl Strip Club on DVD is available at eBoobStore.

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