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Dani Moore in “Massage Parlor Bra Buster” by XLGirls & Score Video

Dani Moore didn’t plan to be a model. A friend encouraged her to contact The SCORE Group. Dani’s worked at hotels in different positions. She’s waitressed in a strip club. These days, Dani works in a tattoo shop. Here at XLGirls, Dani finds that there are many positions to be enjoyed working as a masseuse in an XLGirls-approved massage parlor. Many positions! For a new masseuse fresh out of massage therapy school, Dani is doing sensationally. Her customers are raving as they leave the building, newly invigorated men. They especially like her mamming technique; massaging various body parts with her oily big boobs (47-inches of breast-flesh filling out her 38DDD bras). You’ll now see one of Dani’s massage sessions caught on-camera. The only thing she didn’t learn in massage school was to stroke then bang her clients’ rods with her soft, pliable hooters, then suck them until their dicks are as hard as railroad spikes. When that happens, the massage ends and the sex therapy begins as Dani fucks them into squirting a happy ending into her mouth that she swallows. How many masseuses do you know who eat cum? Dani sticks her pierced tongue out to show the cum on it. This particular client is so taken with Dani that he licks her pierced pussy right there on the massage table. Perfectly understandable. Her hot pussy needs some mouth play before his dick slides in. The masseuse gets massaged. This form of oral pussy massage is called Tongue Fu. It’s a shame that more busty massage therapists don’t emulate Dani’s style and techniques. The world would be a better place.

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