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Charlie Cooper in “Even Geeks Deserve Huge Titted Women” by XLGirls & Score Video

Office sex. A dicey situation. But nothing’s too dicey for XLGirls when it comes to fucking the big-titted boss. Especially when the boss is the amazing Charlie Cooper in our passion play, “Even Geeks Deserve Huge Titted Women” aka “Beauty And The Dweeb.” The office nerd is constantly abused at work. The hot chick laughs at him. The slick office bully abuses him. But manager Charlie Cooper comes to the rescue of this 98 pound weakling and takes him to her office for a sweet pep talk about manning up. The instinct to mother and smother geek-boy comes to the forefront as they talk in private. Charlie literally lets her hair down and subtly throws her prodigious cleavage in his face. (Amazing cleavage, we must emphasize. Fantastic.) Charlie notes where his eyesight is going (in any direction her tits are moving) and moves in on the nerd. He reaches out and Charlie lets him lick and suck her boobs. This is one nerd who has hit the fantasy jackpot. Before he knows it, Charlie is lustily sucking his growing dick and pulling gently on his nutsac. She lays back so her tits can be properly fucked and Charlie has a lot of sweatermeat to slide between! Will her office klutz get to second base, then third and finally home? Will he become Charlie’s new office spouse? Tune in and find out only at XLGirls!

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