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Bri Love in “Call Of The Booty” by XLGirls & Score Video

Prepare for a big moment in Bri Love’s young life. Bri’s first analyzing! The chubby cutie has been waiting all day for this. Reclining on a couch, Bri asks Rocky for his help in breaking her anal cherry. Her voice is soft and gentle. A shy girl, Bri has come a long way in her sexual awakening at XLGirls. Now she wants Rocky to go where no man has gone before. In her virgin butthole. Rocky slides over and talks to Bri while he massages her pussy and then her big boobs. Big boobs? More like huge boobs. Soft, squishy and warm. Fantastic tits that deserve to be jizzed on as much as possible. Rocky sucks on Bri’s nipples. Bri savors the tingle of his tongue. Rocky undresses Bri and bends her over to slap her butt. He fingers her from behind. She is up for anything he wants. Bri kneels before Rocky and takes his thick dick in her mouth. Jacking the shaft with one hand, she sucks him hard. Rocky has Bri lean back on the couch so he can fuck her mouth while she squeezes her massive hooters. Rocky has Bri lie on the couch so he can straddle her chest and fuck her knockers. She squeezes them together to make a warm, soft tit-pussy for his cock. When his cock reaches her face, he tells Bri to suck on the tip. Rocky could fuck Bri’s tits for 20 minutes if her pussy didn’t need the attention also. He slides out of Bri’s mountainous breast-flesh and slides into her pussy, fucking it with increasing strength and power. And then it’s time to open Bri’s ass and have the pleasure of taking her anal cherry. How will young Bri respond to the Call of the Booty? Roll the video and see!

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