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Billie Austin in “Billie’s Big Bang” by XLGirls & Score Video

Billie Austin is our kinda XL Girl. Lively, bubbly and bouncy. Laughing, smiling and enjoying showing off her bod and huge 42H whoppers while our cameras snap. In her first XL Girls XXX scene, Billie talks to the director about her time in the Marine Corps as an Aviation Hydraulics Mechanic while her stunt cock heads her way to give her a hard way to go. We owe military servicewomen a lot and this is our way of giving back. Semper Fi, baby. Is Billie sexually aggressive or submissive? “I’m not afraid to tell a man or a woman what I want and what I enjoy in bed. Assertive would be a better word. However, the submissive role is more natural to me. I love taking it good and hard from big, strong men.” How often does she get the cock? “A couple of times a week if you don’t count me having a good romp with my vibrator every other day or so.” What’s Billie’s favorite fucking position? “Oh, head down, ass up, clinging to the bed for my life!” What’s the funniest pick-up line a guy’s ever laid on her? “He said, ‘Damn girl, your hands are tiny. I’d bet they’d make my cock look huge!'” Our dicks salute you, Billie Austin. Now go suck that man to full attention.

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