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Angel DeLuca in “Angel Of Desire” by XLGirls & Score Video

So damned sexy, Angel DeLuca is a living doll and brings that sexy back by demand. Angel’s big boobs have grown bigger since the last time she was at The SCORE Group. She says they have made the jump from a double G to a J. And that’s a great thing, not just a good thing. Angel says her nipples have also changed. They’re pointier and harder now. Before, she could touch them and they didn’t stiffen that much. Now they’re stiff a lot. What does Angel think is the reason for this nipple response. She thinks that it could be because she’s more sexual. It was triggered when a girl was sucking on them. That shocked Angel. Before that, her nipples weren’t that sensitive and didn’t get stiff like that. Maybe that lowered her nipples arousal levels and they’re more sensitive to stimulation. “My nipples are now very sensitive and the slightest touch can make them hard now,” Angel reveals. Further research is required so Angel will just have to return to get to the bottom of this. There will be plenty of volunteers eager to help out by sucking Angel’s nipples. We can call it the Angel DeLuca Nipple Study.

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