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Alaura Grey in “Poolside Playmate” by XLGirls & Score Video

When Alaura Grey was introduced on the SCORELAND Blog (blog.Scoreland), readers fell hard for this brunette stunner. Alaura was brought to the attention of XL Girls as well as Voluptuous by a reader who knows her and assumed correctly that she would become “Miss Popularity.” An accurate prediction. (Thank you, friend.) This is Alaura’s third appearance and this time Alaura gets comfy in a cozy tropical hideaway. Says Alaura about her first time: “I just thought I’d give modeling a try. Do something new. The pictures. Being naked on-camera. And I don’t get dressed up that often, so doing that is fun. It makes me feel pretty. I like getting my hair done and my makeup put on, especially when I don’t have to do it.” Alaura says she’s usually a casual dresser back home. If you were lucky enough to see her out and about, you might see her the way she’s dressed here walking along the swimming pool. “I like just shorts and tank tops. Flip-flops. Casual. I don’t get dressed up much. I like the park or the beach. I don’t go out much at night. I’m more of a stay-at-home girl. You know, movies and popcorn.” And now you get to see much more of Alaura’s beautiful face and spectacular body without any clothes on. Look for Alaura’s appearance in April ’15 Voluptuous magazine. Thank you, Alaura Grey!

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