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Alaura Grey in “Loving Ms. Grey’s Anatomy” by XLGirls & Score Video

There’s nothing guys like us love more than the female body. The bigger the tits, the softer the curves and childbearing hips and the plumper the butt, the better. We like our hotties happy and healthy with perfect doses of naughty. And that perfectly describes one of new favorite girls, Alaura Grey. She’s as sweet as cotton candy with JJ-cup tits and a heavenly body that’s nearly as soft and fluffy. And just one glimpse has our mouths watering at the thought of sucking on those JJ-cup tits. And she knows it, too. Alaura says those perfectly plush naturals are her secret to get getting out of loads of trouble. Which is interesting because we think those naturals are the key to getting her into our favorite kind of trouble. “I just pop them up a little bit,” Alaura says with a smile as she describes how her boobs get her out of trouble. Alaura’s fun bags may be helping her get out of traffic tickets, but she still has fine written all over her. With our videographer pretending to be a police officer, Alaura demonstrates just how she would get out of a speeding ticket. “I’d lean my tits up towards the window,” she says with a giggle. “And I would say, ‘Don’t give me a ticket please, officer.'” If the officer on the scene were anything like us, he’d certainly let Alaura get off without a ticket. But not before she got a full-body pat down just to be sure she didn’t have any dangerous items on her, other than the weapons of mass distraction she tucks into her tops every day. Alaura recounts the time she hooked up with her then-boyfriend, who was a cop inside of cruiser. “He still had his belt on and he slipped his dick out and just put it in,” Alaura says, blushing. All this sexy conversation has Alaura feeling very hot and horny, so she starts playing with her tits and nipples. “I love these,” Alaura says, cupping her boobs. “They’re my favorite.” Her JJ-cups are among our favorites, too. Alaura’s nipples are fully erect now, and she lifts each up to her lips to lick and nibble on them as she plays with her cunt. Alaura’s tit play has her pussy soaking wet, and she begins to finger herself. As she gets closer to an orgasm, shivers run up and down her body until she finally reaches a near-silent orgasm with a look of bliss plastered across her face.

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