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Alana Lace in “Alone With Alana” by XLGirls & Score Video

Is there anyone with a hotter voice than Alana Lace? She naturally speaks like a phone sex operator. This video taps into this special vocal talent the brunette brick house possesses as well as her ultra-sexy body and personality. A guy could jack to Alana’s voice alone. Speaking into her girly-girl phone, Alana describes what she wants you to do to her. She rubs her big beautiful boobs as she tells you what she needs to build up to an explosive orgasm. Alana wants her nipples sucked. She wants her tits touched and rubbed. She wants more. Alana pulls her whoppers out and the sight is unbelievable. This babe has a pair of the greatest tits ever seen. Watch carefully as Alana sticks the receiver inside her canyon of cleavage, licks it like it’s the head of a cock and buries her fingers deep inside her hot cunt as she stares at you. How Alana doesn’t scorch the bed sheets with her overheated body is a miracle. Guys who go on webcam sites pay $3.99 a minute for this, if they’re lucky to get it! Alana should get a tee-shirt that reads “Super Sexy.” Because she is.

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